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About Us

Our charity was founded with the mission of providing scholarship funds to

children whose mothers suffer from breast cancer.

Prayers and Poinsettias is a faith-based organization that was inspired by a mother's love. We are caretakers of her wish to provide scholarships to students, whose mother have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

This idea behind our mission is that education is often unaffordable

when illness drains family funds. Initially, Prayers and Poinsettias primary concern was aiding in a meaningful Christmas for the children of a mother suffering with terminal breast cancer. A holiday plant sale was the perfect solution. Our staff requested that those who donate to our cause also remember to pray for the family. The first year we sold 175 plants, with steady increases in sales we are proud to announce that this year we sold 416 plants.

Prayers and Poinsettias was founded in 2007. We were granted 501(c)(3) by the IRS in 2009.  

The Poinsettias

Our plants are purchased from the finest wholesaler in the area.

If your delivery location is not on the form, and we have delivered to you in the past, please mark off  “other” as your location. For those of you who choose to order by mail, you can download and print the order form. This order form can be found on the Purchase by Mail page. Please send a copy of your order form and a check made payable to Prayers and Poinsettias to: Prayers and Poinsettias, 220 Stone Road, Barto, PA 19504.

Deadline for orders is Wednesday, November 16th. Orders of less than thirty must be picked up at one of our pick up locations, unless prior arrangements have been made. Special orders of thirty or more will be delivered to a location of the customer’s request within reason. Upon ordering we will contact you with more detailed deliver/pickup information.

Prayers and Poinsettias is a 501(c)(3) approved charity, any purchase is tax exempt and can be used as a tax write off.

Our Team

All staff are volunteers.

Current Prayers and Poinsettias board members:

Mary Lynn Beatty: President, Secretary/Treasurer

Marlys Thomas: Marketing Director

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